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Rocky Mt Outlet Shop

Rocky Mt Outlet Shop VIP Club

Rocky Mt Outlet Shop VIP Club

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Rocky Mt Outlet Shop VIP Club

Join our exclusive Rocky Mt Outlet Shop VIP Club and save on Unlimited 20% discount, reduced 20% Layaway down payment with your designer handbags, fashion jewelry purchase. Once your enrolled a unique VIP discount code will be emailed once we verified your subscription. We offer FREE Shipping USA or international as well give you an opportunity to resell, trade your Louis Vuitton or any designer gold, jewelry, accessories and buy new ones from us and get up to $200 off with your trade in.

VIP club members are responsible for cancelling your monthly membership fees if you no longer desire to receive the benefits of our membership by simply emailing us. VIP Club monthly subscription is $19.99 and a late fee of $5 if we don’t receive your payment on every 1st of the month and we reserved the right to cancel your membership if we don’t receive your payment.

All items comes “AS IS” and Pre-Loved unless otherwise stated. Items WILL have signs of wear including but not limited to, scratches, scuffs, dirt, stains, and other pre-owned indicators not mentioned here.

Pre-owned items may contain noticeable odors. We strives to note such strong odors, however depending on personal sensitivity, these can vary from person-to-person. 


🛑Serial Numbers




When purchasing pre-owned goods, please refer to the photos of the items to check the item's condition, e.g, scratches and dirt, etc.

The condition of the actual item for sale is shown in the photos even when there is no detailed damage location description in text inside the listing.

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